Oct 7, 2021 | Employee Initiatives

Volunteering can have a real and valuable positive affect on people, communities, and society in general. The FieldCore Volunteers Network makes its mission to support our communities and the environment by enabling good people to do great things. For this reason, this year we have established a strong regional footprint in all parts of the globe to ensure that we have a wider reach to our employees who want to touch more lives and make a difference.

Recently, our colleagues form FieldCore in Poland get together to help a 7-children family to purchase schooling supplies. The team shared the list among themselves and managed to buy all the items that children asked for in order to have a successful schooling season. We would like to thank our colleagues for open harts, passion and immediate call to action. “The best feeling ever is when you can help others and make a difference in individuals’ live… small things like this can change the world. I am proud of being part of such a wonderful team. Thanks to Ela, Alicja, Maria and Piotr for your unconditional aid” said Kasia Moczarska, employee in FieldCore in Poland and a member of the Volunteers’ Network Core Team for Europe.

Now more than ever before, companies and employees are looking for ways on how they can make a positive impact on local communities. With more than 2000 FieldCore employees in Europe we are convinced that we can make a difference and help those who need support and care. Stay tune for more stories shared by our volunteers.

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