Meet Carlos Lara – Latam Chief Field Engineer

Jan 18, 2023 | Faces of FieldCore, Featured

Inspiration and passion come from within, and for Carlos Lara that couldn’t be truer. Growing up with electricians – both his father and grandfather were electricians – Carlos developed a passion for electricity when he was a child. It seemed only natural that he would choose to become an electrical engineer.

Carlos majored in electrical engineering, specializing in power generation, at the Instituto Politécnico Nacional (ESIME) in Mexico City. He then began, his career in a in a company called Bufete Industrial doing engineering design and construction of power plants. Later he took on a similar role in another big construction company in Mexico called ICAFluor and after that he joined the GE family, working for GTSI (Global Turbine Services) –which would later become Granite and consequently FieldCore. In his role of Electrical Field Engineer, Carlos supported the AERO business, working in commissioning and startup all around the globe, except for Latin America.

After eight years Carlos took a year-long Generator Specialist training in Schenectady, New York, spending over nine months in on-the-job training to gain expertise. This gave him the ability and qualifications to run Generator high voltage testing, inspections, and major repairs, making him an important asset for customers and our team. With this new role, Carlos returned to work in LATAM.

As a Generator Specialist, Carlos performs generator inspection assessments, electrical testing, repairs, and full rewinds. This has allowed him to understand Generators inside and out. Thanks to his commitment and expertise, Carlos has been able to train and mentor other Field Engineers in Latin America, gaining his team’s respect and admiration. He’s also been voted by his peers, three times in a row, as an Employee of the Year. This is a great honor, because it’s a peer-to-peer recognition, and Carlos has been the only employee to win every year since we launched the program in 2020.

Recently, he was also named a Chief Field Engineer in LATAM and was awarded a CEO Excellence Award for his outstanding work in Quality.

During our conversation Carlos told us that years ago a colleague gave him some advice that he still applies to this day: “A good Field Engineer is someone who does his job sticking to procedures, documenting and passing along his knowledge.”

We’re proud of the work that Carlos does and his commitment to delivering World-Class Execution for our customers in every job!

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