Sep 24, 2021 | Employee Initiatives

The mid-autumn festival, also fondly called the Mooncake Festival traditionally falls on the 15th day of the eight month of the Chinese Lunar calendar (usually September or early October in the Gregorian calendar). Besides China, many Asian communities in the region also celebrates this auspicious day, a day where the moon is worshipped, and bountiful harvest is celebrated. Families come together from all over to gather for dinners, to light paper and in more modern times plastic lanterns while savoring on mouthwatering mooncakes that has been made or bought.

Over at FieldCore’s Beijing office, a few colleagues brought cheer to some 28 fellow field team spread across 3 sites over the city of Beijing, namely the Zhengdong, Taiyanggong and Tongzhou sites. As the field teams were unable to travel back to be with their families, they came together as a FieldCore family and gathered for meals together with some of their birthdays being celebrated too.

The celebrations were a welcome to the monotony of living with Covid 19 and it gave the team members a wonderful opportunity to bond besides creating lasting memories together at the workplace!

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