Jan 14, 2022 | Employee Initiatives, Our Culture

Our colleagues in FieldCore Turkey are determined to change the world around them to a better place. They use any possibility to help people in need and in this quest, they actively support non-governmental and charity organization to reach out to the local population. The team have started to coordinate their efforts about a year ago and since then proudly represents FieldCore’s Volunteer’s Network in Turkey. 2021 turned out to be a very fruitful year as the Turkish team achieved amazing results getting involved in numerous volunteering initiatives. Here are some of them that we want to share with you.

To support the education expenses of the children in need, the team made a donation in the form of a charity gift card for the Feast of Sacrifice. This donation enabled the supporting organization to purchase new computers for schooling purposes and considering the challenges brought by the global pandemic, this was a great help for the children’s education.

For the Ramadan Feast and Earth Day, the Turkey’s volunteer network team founded tree plant saplings, on behalf of all our employees as FieldCore Turkey and gave our FieldCore’s colleagues a chance to actively contributed to the ecosystem and natural life within their local communities.

In July and August 2021, Turkey was impacted by wildfires which forced locals to leave their homes behind. The Turkish team immediately sprinted into action in support of those frontline workers fighting the fire. They helped the local coordination centers with collecting supplies like food and water for both firefighters and locals in need.

Finally, in November members of the Volunteer Network – Ayfer Yurt, Serkan Kocaman and Müge Küçükler completed 15km running race, at the 43rd Istanbul Marathon, and collected 8,200 TRY as they partnered with Deep Poverty Network. The funds were used for the essential needs of the vulnerable mothers and their babies, and to provide food to hundreds of families fighting hardships every day.

The team in Turkey has no intention of stopping. They already have a plan for several initiatives to support this year. Thanks to this amazing team for everything they do! You are FieldCore’s heroes.

FC VOLUNTEERS TURKEY TEAM MEMBERS: Derya Sen, Ayfer Yurt, Cem Filiz, Ekin Goksel, Muge Kucukler, Serkan Baran Oz, Hazel Yaman, Serhat Demirer and interns Sumeyye Balcı and Umut Ceyda Serhat.




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