Jun 24, 2019 | Success Stories

The Shin Nagoya Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) Power Plant is one of Chubu Electric Power Co Inc’s biggest investments in natural gas-fired combined-cycle power generation in Japan. The facility, located in Nagoya City has been operating since 1998, with a capacity of 1458MW, powering communities and commercial developments in central Japan.

The plant is powered by GE’s advanced F class gas turbine technology and core components, comprising of six GE MS7001FA gas turbines at 243MW each. Our relationship with Chubu, in collaboration with Toshiba, dates back to 2015, and today has evolved into a strong collaboration to support the country’s initiative for cleaner, more efficient power generation.

The installation of the sixth 7FA.003 gas turbine


To further improve the efficiency of the Shin Nagoya CCGT Power Plant, GE and FieldCore embarked on a flange-to-flange upgrade of its gas turbines with the newer 7FA.003 technology. The project entails a full replacement of the existing gas turbine engine, giving customers the benefits of the latest technology and engineering innovation within the footprint of an existing asset. The process is faster than installing a new unit and will enable significant performance improvements in output and fuel efficiency, while restarting the clock on asset life.

The outage, originally planned for 138 days was completed within a shorter duration of 94 days, thus underscoring GE and FieldCore’s ability to deliver World Class Execution. Other highlights are as follow:

  • Excellent observation of safety procedures with zero EHS issues for over 300 thousand manhours from April/1/2017 to June/9/2019
  • On time delivery with a reduced period of 45days
  • High adherence to quality standards with zero open, repair or incomplete actions items
  • All six 7FA.003s met the plant performance standards required by customer

Overall, the success of the outage was made possible due to excellent customer engagement onsite. The site team demonstrated a sound understanding of customer needs resulting in strong customer confidence with the competency levels of GE and FieldCore.

Congratulations to the Team!

GE and FieldCore Project Team at the Jera Shin Nagoya Control Center


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