With the increased focus on the future of energy, at FieldCore we are contributing to the sustainable growth of the clean energy industry and are constantly growing our presence in the renewables segment. Recently our team successfully completed phase one of one of the biggest solar projects in Europe, specifically in Turkey. This project was initiated by the customer Kalyon Energy and is in the top five of the most significant projects in the field of solar energy in the world and biggest in Turkey as it will prevent 1.5 million tons of annual fossil fuel waste and carbon emissions.

It will take 30 months in total to build the Kalyon Karapınar Solar Power Plant which will be set up on approximately 20 million square meters of land in Konya’s Karapınar district. The installation and commissioning of 3.5 million panels, producing the capacity of 1300 MW DC, will meet the annual electric energy needs of two million people with a single power plant. To give you a better idea how significant this output of energy is, upon completion, the plant will produce enough electricity in an hour to meet the needs of 50,000 people for a week.

In addition to all the benefits of sustainability and impressive energy production, this project also represents a technological advancement as it is the first case of commissioning the new generation Inverter Station LV+5. The LV5+ Solar Inverter is one of the industry’s leading 1500V developments and is GE’s latest evolution in renewable power electronics providing efficient, cost effective and dispatchable solar power.

The FieldCore team will continue to deliver engineering and procurement services, commissioning, supply of materials and will provide installation supervision as well as technical support throughout the whole duration of the project. We are very proud of our team that contributed to successful completion of this milestone by finalizing phase-1 (267 MWp) and already dived into the Phase2A (270 MWp) to help the GE team conclude the commissioning work. More exciting news to come in the following months.

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