Success Stories

Since 2019, when FieldCore first entered the European market of Onshore Wind Turbines Installation, Europe team has fully installed more than 330 GE wind turbines, including 180 GE’s Cypress units. Some of the countries where our teams have worked in are Germany, Sweden, Turkey, Poland, Israel, Spain and Austria. We have achieved in total 1,5 GW power output in just 2 years, powering more than 1.5 million households.

Today, FieldCore in Europe operates with more than 500+ highly skilled and experienced Wind Technicians. We invest in hiring, training, and developing our wind technicians to meet expectations of the expanding Wind market in Europe. We work closely with GE Renewables Energy and customers to meet challenges of this growing market.

Looking from the perspectives of competencies, FieldCore in Europe is becoming a key player in terms of capabilities and technical skills. Our mission, based on our strategic pillars of Safety, Quality, Delivery and Cost is to deliver World-Class Execution to customers at every stage of a project.

Many European Governments have committed to the decarbonisation of transport, heating and industry and it is certain that wind will be a key in delivering the technology to meet this expectation and FieldCore is actively participating in this transformation having real impact on the future of energy.


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