Immerse yourself in our interactive FieldCore Hall of Fame!

Our New Hall of Fame


  • Graduating Field Engineers from 1960’s- Present
  • Exhibit of Curtis steam turbine manual from 1913
  • Field Service Academy Awards

Welcome to FieldCore’s

Field Engineering
Hall of Fame

The FieldCore Field Engineering Hall of Fame is a testament to the people, achievements and innovation that have occurred during a 100-plus year history of field engineering excellence. The outstanding leadership of field service professionals from GE, Granite Services and now FieldCore, has helped to cement our reputation for World-Class Execution. We’re proud of our shared history and strive to continue in that tradition today. This exhibit is to recognize the men and women who have helped to build this heritage.

In this interactive, 360 degree virtual tour, you can explore photos of graduating classes dating back to the 1960s, listen to first-hand accounts from some of our leaders who began their own careers in the field, learn about our Field Engineering Service Academy that recognizes the best of the best, and see the evolution of field engineering dating back to the days of Thomas Edison. We hope you enjoy the tour and encourage you to check back as we add to our exhibit.

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